Saturday, March 29, 2014

Develop a Positive Attitude

Webster says that the definition of attitude is having a positive manner, disposition and feeling.  So how do you go about developing a positive attitude?  You can make a decision to create a good attitude; however, if you do not create plans on how to take care of that decision every day, then you are likely to end up back where you began.

To maintain a positive attitude is about taking charge of circumstances.  Nobody really cares about your complaints and issues, especially in the work place.  You need to keep in mind that people have their own issues to deal with, and the least things they want to hear about are those that reminds them of the gloomy side of life.  Having a positive attitude requires you to keep a happy disposition despite feeling otherwise.  When you look cheerful, people will respond to you in the same way, and eventually you will forget the sadness of problems that you have.  You need to take care of your thinking and direct your actions so that they are consistent with your decisions.

Successful leaders think positive because success starts from within.  Success is reaching the top.  It's like climbing your way up to get to your goals.  From within you, you have to muster the energy, tap into your resources and maximize your potential.  You may not begin on a grand scale, but start with choosing the thoughts you think.  The power of positive thinking is true because positive thoughts are hundred times stronger than negative thoughts.  You can when you believe you can.  It is generally not as easy as that, but you can only truly feel the power of positive thoughts when you have gained clarity in yourself.

When you take responsibility of your own attitude or recognize that it can change how you live, manage it daily, and harness and develop positive habits and thoughts, then you can make your attitude your greatest asset.  Your attitude can become a powerful life changing aspect in your life that can open doors and help you overcome great obstacles.

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