Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Importance of Focus

The importance of Focus in being a leader is an essential principle that must be developed.  You need Focus on priorities to get things done in order to get over the hurdles.  But what does it take to acquire the Focus needed to be an effective leader?  The secret is to combine priority and concentration with Focus.  A leader who is well aware of his priorities but has no concentration knows what to do, but will never finish everything on time or might never finish anything at all.  On the other hand, if a leader has concentration but does not know his priorities, this leader shows excellence but not leadership.  However, a leader who learns to harness and develop both these key characteristics will have the potential and ability to accomplish great things.

Effective and competent leaders who reach their peak potential spend more time focusing and fixating on what they do well than on what they do wrong.  To be successful as a leader and a person, sharpen and keep center on your strengths and take time to cultivate them.  This is the area where you should give all your resources, energy and time.  The returns will be tremendous.  Believe in the equation that growth equals change. If you want to do great things, and yearn for progress in all aspect of your life, you have to keep evolving, changing and keep on improving.  Keep in mind, this isn't very easy to do, because this means going out of your comfort zone and treading on areas that are very new to you.  When you appropriate your time to new things related to areas of your strength, then you will grow not just a great leader, but as an amazing individual in all aspects.  Keep in mind, in leadership, if you cease growing, the journey will stop.  Today, sit down and set your priorities in order and be sure to Focus on your strengths.  In leadership, to be effective and successful, you have to plan for success.
Robert J Dahl

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  1. I totally agree, most failures I have seen is due to lack of caring for others, and doing wrong to the one's who helped get you where you are, for greed or all the glory, but if you are a true leader your glory will shine through your set backs, always doing right by your co-workers and team will get you much more in the long run.


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