Saturday, April 26, 2014

There is no "I" in Team!

Every day is an opportunity for teambuilding.  However, teamwork will only have a lot of "team" involved if there is motivation.  Instill in your group the awareness of them being a team. Then they will perform as one.  Let them know the rewards of working as a team.  Building a team includes motivating everyone in the team as one.

As a leader, the strongest motivator you can use to boost your team is self- esteem.  On an individual level, you must boost the self-esteem of your team members.  These individual forces can then work synergistically, working as a whole and fortifying the team.  Individual support creates more promising prospects for team success.  Your team members have to believe that they will produce more as a team than working individually on their own.

Building confidence in your group is a key factor in building your team.  It not only enhances the team, but it also helps things to function more efficiently.  The leader will need to build a positive work environment that supports the team, encourage co-operation among team members and set the stage for reaching achievable goals.  Once your team has greater self-confidence, they will be happier, cope with life better on a daily basis, and achieve success in their careers.  Building a team will improve work relationships.  Also being able to handle criticism better and raise self-confidence within their families.  There are many benefits of self-confidence including, increased interest in the job, a greater sense of competence, and a preference to take on challenges.  By creating a diverse team you will cover all areas of expertise for resource purposes.

Leaders, now that you have built your team, continue to empower your team members.  Teach them, give them knowledge they crave and continue to raise the level of expectations in reaching new goals.

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