Monday, May 19, 2014

Principles of Leadership

How can you grow into a great leader? The journey is not an easy one but it can be accomplished.  Many have taken the journey and have either gotten lost and given up or endured the barriers and have become that great leader.  In all areas of our lives, there are principles that develop us into who we are and each plays a very important role.  These principles will prove to have enduring permanent value in your life and will help you find a balance in your life.  These principles are authentically articulated points of view based on integrating focus, integrity, attitude, belief, balance, and team.  The values originate in self-awareness, develop and deepen when combined with meaningful behaviors, and culminate in a lasting contribution towards professional satisfaction.  By developing these principles you will improve your own leadership styles.

The first Leadership Principle is focus.  Focus is seeing the vision before we start.  It is the blueprint and planning process.  The next principle is integrity.  Integrity is the value principle that forms the basis for the plans that have been made.  The third principle is attitude.  Attitude is the process of developing the mentality to be successful.  The fourth principle is belief.  Belief is the trust factor involved in building confidence and commitment to the plans that are developed.  The fifth principle is balance.  Balance relates to putting it all together to form a program that works for your business.  The final principle is team.  Team is the cooperation where all members work together toward a common goal.

You will find these Principles very essential to becoming a great leader.  A true leader does not think about how decisions will benefit them, they think about the impact it will have on others.  Influence is the foundation of leadership and relationships are the foundation for influence.  Leadership is the art of gathering people around a common purpose then inspiring, motivating and mobilizing them to achieve it.  This is where the journey begins.


  1. Love this one, a very positive message!

  2. Being positive is essential in a good blog. Thank you for your comment.


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