Sunday, September 7, 2014

Confidence and the Peanut’s Gang

Confidence - Words Webster says that the definition of confidence is the ability to feel certain about the truth or something.  Floyd V. Filson once said, “He can inspire a group only if he himself is filled with confidence and hope of success.”

When I saw the movie "Come home Snoopy" I was so amazed.  A dog that had major personality!  He was more like a person!  When I see Snoopy, I am reminded that if you believe, then a dog really can fly his doghouse all over the world.  Just believe and cool things can happen.  Every day, the adventures of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the whole gang provided many funny moments while at the same time offering a daily inspiration and lessons on life.  Here are some life lessons that I learned from Snoopy and The Peanuts Gang.

  • Keep on trying.  Don't give up! It never hurts to keep trying because eventually, persistence will pay off.
  • Don't sell yourself short. Be all that you can be.  Don't be anything less than everything you can be.  Always have confidence.
  • Believe in yourself.  Or if all else fails, fall back on your friends.  It’s about having friends and the importance of their validation.
  • Happiness can be found in the little things.  You should find happiness in any small thing that makes you smile.  Life is too short not to enjoy it.

When you don’t have belief and self-esteem, the results are sadness and distrust with others.  A leader that has belief will think ahead and take initiatives to improve quality and avoid crisis.  A leader who works efficiently and with competence will encourage others to do likewise.  With a strong self-confidence, you can do anything that you put your mind to do.  By having the confidence in yourself will help you reach your goals and be successful.

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